Delta-P | Marithaime 22 | 6662 WD Elst (Gld) | Telefoon +31 247 851 014


Delta-P | Marithaime 22 | 6662 WD Elst (Gld) | Telefoon +31 247 851 014

Delta P - Hygenic Process Equipment

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Hygienic Scales

Hygienic Scales

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Eilersen has developed a range of robust floor and pit scales. It features a hinged gas lift load plate for easy washdown in hygienic applications. Scales integrated in the production process have to meet the requirements to hygiene. But also being so robust that a forklift can drive into or over the scale without damaging the load cells. Furthermore the scale must be very safe and easy to clean. The new range of hygienic and robust IP68 rated scales from Eilersen fulfills these requirements.


Type: Hygienic Scale

Capacity (Emax): Up to 5000 kg

Overload tolerance: Up to 300%



  • Certified versions for legal for trade
  • Specific dimensions, range and materials
  • Local indicator and/or direct interface to PC, PLC or SCADA systems

Special features:

  • Hinged gas lift load plate for or easy washdown in hygienic applications
  • Dimensions, range and materials (e.g. AISI304 or 316, epoxy coating etc.) according to customer specifications
  • Made in Denmark
  • Robust capacitive technology
  • Patented high reliability capacitive sensor (IP68)
  • High tolerance of up to 1000% overload
  • High accuracy and high resolution
  • Digital filters for reducing the influence from vibrations
  • Scale calibration is independent of cable length
  • Cable length up to 100meters
  • A range of software modules for standard weighing, special purposes, and customer specific applications
  • The status of each load cell in the scale can be monitored allowing for easy maintenance
  • Local indicator and/or direct 4-20mA, 0-10Vdc, RS485, Modbus ASCII/RTU, DeviceNet, EtherNet IP, Profibus DP, EtherCAT, ProfiNet (pending) interface

Click here for examples of Hygienic Scales


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